JLS Mailing Services, Inc. is a 105-year old company - New England’s largest and most trusted source for mailing, printing and other media communication services. We are a family-owned business with deep roots in the community. Our company helps some of New England’s most well-known institutions to design, print and mail statements, brochures, letters - all sorts of digital and paper-based mail communications.

Why partner with JLS? There are 5 major reasons…


JLS continues to evolve by investing in the most modern technology for mail processing to our 100,000 square foot plant. Our mail presort area is equipped with both letter mail and flats mail sorters. The most recent technology addition is our Bell & Howell Apex sorter. JLS also recently introduced a Pitney Bowes "Rival" file-based inserting system to our fleet. For our customers, this investment equates to long term viability in the industry, faster mail processing speeds, and ultimately, the best possible cost/value ratio in the business. Finally, JLS management is deeply involved in a number of local, regional, and national postal organizations. The goal of these engagements is to ensure that JLS can optimize mail qualification rates for our customers and to create positive change for the industry and for businesses that use presort and mailing technologies.


Beginning in 2017, JLS was awarded the SOC 2 Type II classification. Being one of the oldest mailing companies in the New England area, this is a significant achievement for the company. A Service Organization Control, or SOC report, focuses on a business’s controls as they relate to security, confidentiality, processing integrity, and systems privacy. The JLS systems audit is comprised of five main components: infrastructure, software, people, procedures, and data.

What does this mean to customers? The SOC report assures our customers that JLS is a company that makes it their priority to keep their data secure. In a cloud-based world, there can be significant challenges in safeguarding information. With JLS, customers can be confident that all aspects of their material will be 100% protected.


The JLS staff retains decades upon decades of mailing experience focused on one thing – delivering your project on time, with quality, and with the lowest possible postage costs. Our veteran staff has spent an average of 20 years in the mail industry working closely with the USPS across several different vantage points. Many of our staff members participate in regular USPS training and have been certified as Mail Design Professionals or “MDPs”. They provide JLS customers with added expertise in creating high-quality designs and technical elements of their mailings to ensure the best postal discounts in accordance with all mail piece design requirements.

JLS also maintains an in-house postal acceptance unit and qualifies to perform its daily mail procedures using “Seamless Acceptance” offered by the U.S. Postal Service. This is a process that uses electronic documentation, Intelligent Mail ® barcodes, e-Induction, and mail processing scan data to automate the flow of commercial mailings in the mail stream. This is a crucial capability for JLS customers as Seamless Acceptance decreases the time required to verify mail, increases processing flexibility, and provides information that helps to promote mail quality and deliverability.


The majority of mailing projects involve other services such as data cleansing, formatting, or material ordering. We know that customers appreciate that JLS is truly a one-stop shop capable of providing all aspects of the total project – data acquisition, list management, printing, ordering of supplies – whatever it takes to assure your project is a complete success. And because the company employs some of the most talented machine operators and managers from a variety of industries, they are experts at balancing production speed with quality.


JLS is a “green-focused” company that owns its own real estate. We do this in order to take care of our environment, to control costs, and to support our customers’ requirements to choose environmentally responsible providers. JLS is doing everything possible to preserve the planet for future generations.
• the use of environmentally friendly inks and papers
• the responsible recycling of paper and chemicals and office waste
• the use of solar energy to power its facilities. JLS is now 100% powered by the sun - the only mailing and printing facility in the country that is powered 100% by solar:
- First year results of solar power produced 660 megawatts of energy - enough to power more than 60 homes of the average size in the area.
- This capability provides JLS with low-cost infrastructure in the marketplace vis a vis many competitive firms.