Key Leadership Team Members

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Jim started JLS with his acquisition of Joyce Letter Shop in 1983. Joyce Letter Shop, started in 1920, was one of the first letter shops in the country. Jim renamed the company JLS as part of his plan to revitalize the company. He became an expert in the areas of mail stream and postal automation and transformed JLS into one of the first shops to offer presort services. Over the years, Jim responded to the changes he witnessed in USPS automation requirements and technological innovations by steadily investing in the right equipment to capitalize on JLS’ capabilities. To grow and evolve the business to meet his clients’ needs, he expanded his services to include document management, direct mail fundraising, and mail marketing.

Jim maintains close ties with the USPS and key suppliers of technology and equipment. Today, his mission at JLS is to mentor the strategic growth of the company, its service offering and key industry relationships. Prior to founding JLS, Jim worked for Tabs Associates, a national presort services company, in Baltimore. He rose in the Tabs organization and was eventually transferred to Boston to serve as regional vice president. Jim is a graduate of Towson State University with degrees in clinical psychology and business administration.

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Carolyn serves as the JLS’ Change Management Executive. She leads a team of JLS account managers and oversees a number of strategically important initiatives for the company, such as the implementation of enterprise-wide technology initiatives, standard operating procedures, sales and account management practices, new business ventures, and many others, including the SOC 2 certification process.

Carolyn came to JLS following a highly successful career with one of the world’s most respected global service brands, the American Express Company. A multiple award-winner, personally mentored by the company Vice Chairman throughout her career, she was both an individual contributor and leader of many teams in Sales, Account Management, Communications, Sales Support and Product Development. Most recently, she was a key “inventor” of one of the only products that American Express has ever retailed – the American Express Gift Card. This product evolved from the Company’s oldest product line – the Travelers Cheques and Gift Cheques line of business. In this effort, Carolyn became known for her ability to transform historically significant businesses using today’s technologies and management principles. Thirty years of Carolyn’s knowledge is in play every day at JLS under her leadership.

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Following his graduation from Rhode Island College in 2017, Jonathan is approaching his fourth year at JLS as Vice President of Business Development. Jonathan’s primary role in the company is to leverage his postal industry knowledge in order to stay abreast of industry technologies and trends. From this knowledge, he leads the creation of solutions for customers which optimize the gains from such trends. He sits on a multitude of boards and committees such as the strategic planning committee of the National Association of Presort Mailers (NAPM) and is an active member on the executive board for the Providence R.I. Postal Customer Committee (PCC). Jonathan also plays a major role as JLS’ liaison to the United States Post Office. This allows JLS to keep up with postal regulations to ensure compliance, and to take advantage of new postal incentives that benefit both JLS and its customers. Finally, he also maintains his postal certification as a mail design professional (MDP) which aims to tie both the creative and technical aspects of mail design into the most effective mail pieces and campaigns.



Russell joined JLS in 2015 and presently serves as JLS’ Operations Manager following a lengthy career in several companies of various sizes, including such well-known names as Pitney Bowes, Inc. and Xerox Corporation. In his career he served as a national resource for turning around sites with poor financial and operational performance. Russell directly manages the majority of employees on the production floor in virtually all JLS departments, including both its large Presort mail operation as well as JLS’ Mailing Services departments, where mail is produced by JLS for its clients and then sent directly into the USPS mail stream following the Presort process. With significant influence over the Company’s top profitability drivers such as materials, transportation and labor costs, he also keeps tight reins on a multi-million dollar P and L on behalf of the Company’s leadership team. Russell regularly engages in the sale and onboarding of new clients, the employee hiring process and the review of quality and satisfaction metrics for JLS customers. He is especially skilled at making continuous improvements in quality, reliability, safety and efficiency, and is a key stakeholder in the success of JLS’ change management initiatives which are required to uphold the standards of SOC 2 compliance.