Meeting the Challenges of Healthcare Communications with JLS Mailing Services

Female receptionist looking for files in clinic filing cabinet. health care concept.The Importance of Healthcare Communication

Effective communication in the healthcare industry is crucial to patient care and safety. From appointment reminders to lab results, timely and accurate communication can mean the difference between life and death. In addition to patient care, healthcare providers also need to communicate with insurance companies, government agencies, and other stakeholders.

Communication is the backbone of the healthcare industry, and it’s what enables the industry to function efficiently. When communication breaks down, patients can be put at risk, and healthcare providers can face legal and financial consequences.

The Challenges of Healthcare Communication

The healthcare industry faces many unique challenges when it comes to communication. One of the biggest challenges is privacy and security. Healthcare organizations are required by law to protect patient information, which means that communication channels must be secure and HIPAA-compliant. Healthcare organizations need to ensure that all communication is encrypted, and only authorized personnel have access to patient information.

Another challenge is the sheer volume of communication that takes place. Healthcare organizations are responsible for communicating with patients, providers, insurance companies, and government agencies, all while juggling a myriad of regulations and requirements. Communication needs to be accurate and timely, but it also needs to be compliant with various regulatory requirements.

Finally, healthcare organizations need to be able to manage communication across a range of channels, from physical mail to email to text messages. Each channel comes with its unique set of challenges, and healthcare organizations need to be able to manage all of them efficiently and effectively.

JLS Mailing Services: The Solution to Healthcare Communication Challenges

JLS Mailing Services is a 105-year-old family-owned business that specializes in mailing, printing, and other media communication services. With a SOC 2 Type II classification and HIPAA certification, JLS is uniquely qualified to meet the communication needs of the healthcare industry.

JLS understands that healthcare organizations require a one-stop-shop for all their communication needs. That’s why JLS offers a comprehensive range of services, including data acquisition, list management, printing, and supply ordering. JLS also offers data cleansing and formatting services to ensure that all communication is accurate and up-to-date.

JLS’s team of talented machine operators and managers are experts at balancing production speed with quality. This means that healthcare organizations can trust JLS to deliver timely and accurate communication without sacrificing security or compliance.

JLS also understands the importance of managing communication across multiple channels. That’s why JLS offers a range of services to help healthcare organizations manage communication across physical mail, email, and text messages. JLS can help healthcare organizations ensure that all communication is compliant with regulatory requirements while still being timely and accurate.


In the healthcare industry, effective communication is crucial to patient care and safety. Healthcare organizations face unique challenges when it comes to communication, including privacy and security concerns, managing communication across multiple channels, and complying with various regulatory requirements.

JLS Mailing Services is uniquely qualified to meet these challenges with its SOC 2 Type II classification and HIPAA certification. With a comprehensive range of services and a team of experts, JLS is the solution to healthcare communication challenges. Healthcare organizations can trust JLS to deliver timely, accurate, and compliant communication across all channels. Contact JLS today for a free consultation.

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