Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Service

Even with a full-service mailroom in your facility, there may be times when backup printing and mail processing services may be required. Inclement weather, power outages, staffing shortfalls - many things can occur each year that necessitates the maintenance of a backup supplier for these services.

As a cutting-edge company, JLS offers print and mail contingency plans as one of our many services. With our latest technology and solid site backup, we are presently assisting as many of our customers with such things as emergency metering services, backup print services, and even full “contingent site” services.

Incidences such as COVID-19, 9-11, and others are monumental events that are changing the way business is done. All organizations will be required to have a well thought-out and more importantly, a well-tested contingency plan. The sooner the process begins, the more ready we will be when disaster strikes. In order to perform at the highest level possible when taking overprint and mail activities in the event of a disaster, there are a number of protocols to follow in order to be fully prepared for the work.

This includes coordination with multiple vendors, various steps of testing, obtaining a better understanding of your job set up with recording requirements, and the careful outline of requirements in contractual arrangements. Given that these steps can take months to prepare, contact JLS and we can help you to fulfill your Company’s own disaster recovery plan and related security measures as soon as possible.

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