Mail Pieces + Material Storage

Mail Pieces + Materials Storage

Before, during, and following a mail program’s release into the marketplace, our customers frequently require options regarding the storage of their printed materials. JLS customers can choose the path that they would take with their materials.

boxes are prepared for order


In many cases, customers opt to destroy materials rather than take them back. JLS maintains secure, confidential shredding capabilities onsite, and can provide this additional service as required.

Return to Customer

JLS maintains a transportation network of both company owned trucks and third party partners to pick and return materials – either to our customers, or back to the marketing agencies or fulfillment houses as directed.

Return To Warehouse

Our 100,000 square foot facility is home to several large warehouse areas. Customers with multiple jobs can opt to have JLS store their supplies onsite for the next job in queue. For an additional monthly fee, JLS can also store your materials even after all jobs are complete in the near term to provide safe storage for materials when your space is at a premium.