Mail Program Design, Data File Setup and Processing

Mail Program Design, Data File Setup + Processing

The ability to increase the deliverability, accuracy, and profitability of a firm’s mailing starts with accurate data. Our goal is to partner with your organization to produce compelling and cost effective programs that produce excellent net results. JLS can help leverage existing data in your CRM (or sourced through our own mailing list companies) to identify the right prospects from either internal or external mailing lists. The integration of mail campaigns with your overall marketing programs and testing of different variables to optimize your results are also available. We can track and analyze results by identifying markers that will help in guiding future campaigns.

Mail program design

Creative Design

JLS can create and/or enhance the layout and/or graphic design elements of your mail pieces or campaigns. If your in-house staff or creative agency is at capacity, you can rely on the JLS team to provide services as if they were under your own roof.

Custom Programming Services

This service is a collaborative effort between JLS and its clients to develop the most efficient solutions or data driven marketing programs applying best business practices and business requirements. We offer project-driven services for a wide array of industries. Services include but are not limited to Data Conversion, business rules programming, exceptions consolidating multiple databases, creating automated processes, and preparing output data for print, digital, or reporting purposes.

JLS offers standardized and custom forms, serving multiple markets. We offer batch processing and response management program to help our clients reach the highest ROI.

Database Development and List Management Services

JLS offers data services in compliance with USPS that not only ensure the best postal discounts and cost effective postal rates but also eliminates all the incorrect and unrecognizable addresses in your mailing list. Our industry leading postal qualification software is authorized by the USPS and our mailing address tables are updated regularly with all of the latest address changes.

  • NCOA – National Change of Address
  • CASS Certification – Coding Accuracy Support System (address standardization)
  • Full-Service Intelligent Mail® Barcoding
  • LACSLink™ – Locatable Address Conversion System
  • Merge / Purge and name/address “de-dupe”
  • Suppression
  • Postal Presort
  • Carrier Route Code
  • Postal Reports
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Entry
  • Database Confidentiality

E-Doc Statements

JLS’s eDocument statements solution replaces paper with electronic files, delivered as secure attachments straight to customer’s inboxes. Our electronic statements can replace any paper document that is printed and delivered by mail. This includes statements, bills, letters, invoices, collection notices, policies, and other high volume system generated document output.


  • Methods to help clients append email addresses
  • E-Delivery ensuring email delivery and confirmation
  • Immediate access to documents
  • Hosting of client’s data and providing email blast
  • Data integration
  • Landing page development
  • PURL-Personalized URL