Mailroom Outsourcing

Mailroom Outsourcing

Looking to focus more resources on your primary business? JLS is a provider to many companies that seek to drive down costs, improve reliability and speed, and reduce risk in the metering and mailing of their company mail pieces. Several considerations make JLS an attractive option for this type of change.

Letter files stack togther


Area Description Impact (Financial, Risk, Administrative, Other)
Cost of equipment onsite; cost of upgrades as needed Financial, Risk Equipment
Equipment Maintenance Maintenance contracts; parts purchases, etc. Financial, Administrative
Rules + Regulations Changes Ability to stay abreast with critical updates Financial, Risk, Administrative
Inks Hard processing costs Financial
Headcount Labor which can either be re-allocated or released Financial, Administrative
Space Physical floor space which can be redeployed for other purposes Financial
Errors Implications of non-delivery; missed level service agreements, etc. Financial, Risk, Administrative, Legal

JLS can provide services of this nature across the entire spectrum of metering activities of all types of mail - from mail pickup, to metering and presort, drop-off and returns. Count on JLS to become a seamless extension of your company’s mailroom - with quality, reliability and savings.