Print and Fulfillment of Company Mail Projects

Print + Fulfillment of Company Mail Projects

The preparation of mail for a campaign or general distribution to your customers and prospects can be time consuming and labor intensive. JLS has invested heavily in the print and mail industries’ most advanced technologies to make this process as efficient as possible. Many companies claim that with the combination of expert labor, automation, and postage discounts, JLS as a print and fulfillment provider can significantly improve the cost structure of many programs and free up valuable in-house resources.

Fulfillment can be a critical element of a successful marketing initiative. It can also be the most difficult to outsource with confidence. At JLS, fulfillment is a natural extension of our decades of experience as bulk mailing experts. With a large warehouse, we provide the area in which to store your fulfillment materials and provide the proper security to ensure their safety.

print and fullfilment xerox machine


Addressing is a critical function of the mailing process – a delicate match between speed and accuracy, with all of the necessary coding to ensure maximum delivery of our customers’ mail pieces. JLS operators are experts at reading downstream data from the company’s data processing team to ensure that the necessary U.S. Postal Service specifications are met and mail can be delivered in the fastest, most economical manner possible.

Bindery Services

Even if JLS doesn’t print mail for its customers, they can take advantage of our bindery services. We offer folding and a host of other capabilities that affix printed products into place - from glued bindings to saddle stitch and everything in between.

Bound Printed Matter Preparation

Many fulfillment projects require that we ship materials packaged as uniformly sized flats or small parcels all addressed to individual recipients. This is routine for enrollment kits, annual reports, and promotional materials. In these circumstances, JLS processes the entire shipment as bound printed matter affording customers to take advantage of the best shipping value available from the US Post Office. If the customer prefers we can also ship articles via UPS or other carriers as desired. We use industry proven best practices and quality control methods to ensure all of your shipments arrive on time and in good condition to any domestic or foreign location.

Custom, Promotional Kit Assembly & Distribution

Looking for kit assembly? JLS Mailing Services’ fulfillment solutions range from hand-inserting mailers, literature for trade shows, employee package assembly, stock reports, sample pack assembly to sales support solutions.

Digital Print Solutions

Whatever your printing needs are, from small labels to large complex print jobs, we can help. JLS always seeks to provide our customers with the latest technological advantages and will suggest alternative sizes and formats if it will save you money or improve the process. We have also worked for years with a diverse group of strategic print partners to handle any specialized printing needs.

Inserting Capability

Our sophisticated, high-speed inserting equipment offers state-of-the-art abilities to insert up to 7 inserts in a variety of envelope materials. The machinery is capable of affixing metered or stamped postage as an adjust function of JLS’ in-house technology.